Author: Jason Peterson


Until today, I avoided the commencement of a recreational (non- commuting) ride when precipitation is actively falling. I think it’s that lingering mindset that inclement weather should be avoided because that’s just what everyone does. […]

What About the Cold?

Riding in winter is not as impossible as some would think. You could do it too. Just like anything else, it’s simply a matter of deciding that you can do it, then overcoming the obstacles […]

New Year – Part 2

When I think of my bicycle-related highlights of 2019 three rides stand out. They include a snowy ride through Lincoln’s Wilderness Park, The Bohemian Sto Mil, and Gravel Worlds. In January I experienced a rare […]

Where & Why

I ride for fun and to get places. Fortunately, riding to get places can be just as fun as riding for fun! I commute 25 miles a week. This was recently shortened from 50 miles […]