Author: Sam Butterfield

Cranks Giving Lincoln 2021

Cranksgiving was a success!  Thanks to everyone who came out to ride, and give, and hang out! Thanks especially to Juju’s, Chef Derick, Nichole, and DeKari (he was busy all day long!) who partnered with […]

Bicycles in a Strange Time

Since the last blog post, a lot of things have changed in our world. Covid-19 continues to disrupt our lives. Changing the way that we interact with people, changing our routines, and threatening our most […]

Misty Morning Gravel

Lately, I have been so enthralled by every ride. That seems to be a feature of Springtime. After the cold winter, the first month of longer rides and warmer fingers and toes are always incredible. […]


It’s early morning. 6:00 am. I am working and I pass by the door and see that it has started snowing. Good snow. I can see that it is light and fluffy. The best part […]

New Year – Part 1

2019 was an odd year, bicycle wise. The thing that makes it hard to pin down is the fact that while I didn’t ride nearly as many miles as I had hoped and I didn’t […]