Why Race the Leaf?

People ride bicycles in many different ways. Some race , some commute, some bomb down mountain trails and huck off of any available object .

What we like best about bicycles is, everything.

The best way to understand our bicycle philosophy is to imagine yourself riding along, happily. You notice a leaf blowing in the same direction. In that moment, you realize that you can beat that leaf to wherever it is going. 

You can’t help it. There is no time to think. You must win. 

There is a burst of acceleration and you have fun.

Riding bicycles is always good. It is best when it connects you to the world and people around you. 

We want to share our love of bicycles with others who also love bicycles. 

Jason Peterson

Jason is Chief of Route Creation and Exploration here at Race the Leaf.

He enjoys bicycles and planning for early retirement.

He is always hungry. 

Sam Butterfield

Sam is Head of Complaining. He is also the main source of grumpiness regarding “New-Fangled Tech”  such as indexed shifting or things not made of steel. 

He enjoys bicycles and honey.