Cranks Giving Lincoln 2021

Cranksgiving was a success! 

Thanks to everyone who came out to ride, and give, and hang out!

Thanks especially to Juju’s, Chef Derick, Nichole, and DeKari (he was busy all day long!) who partnered with us to get the whole thing going, made the poster, gave us a place to hang, and provided the incredible food that made the day so delicious! It was Nichole’s idea to flip the normal format and bring food with us to distribute to the Little free food pantries in town. That idea was one of the things that made the ride and event so special. 

Thanks to Jason, who had to miss the ride because he had to work on Saturday, for spreading the word, distributing posters, and making the facebook event which was how everyone heard about it. Sorry for planning a fun thing on day you couldn’t come. 

Thanks to Ron for taking great photos, as per usual!

We were not a large group. I take responsibility for that, having decided to attempt the event pretty late in the game. But it was a fantastic day of making new friends, riding bikes, eating food, and giving to the community.

I really dig Cranksgiving and we will certainly be doing it again next year and hopefully we will be able to bring out a whole pile of people so that we can stuff those little pantries full of food! I am going to start earlier and work harder for 2022, for sure. 

One of the coolest things that came out of the ride is that we all left talking about getting other friends or family together to do other rides to fill up the pantries before Christmas. It was pretty great to spend a day with such kind and generous people!

So anyway, thanks to my awesome friends for making this small and great Cranksgiving in Lincoln possible and for coming out to ride!  To my new friends, thanks for coming, I’m excited to know you, and we will see you around!

Happy Cranksgiving everyone! See you next year! 

– Sam  

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