Bicycles in a Strange Time

Since the last blog post, a lot of things have changed in our world. Covid-19 continues to disrupt our lives. Changing the way that we interact with people, changing our routines, and threatening our most vulnerable friends and family.

Jason and I and our families are well. We have been able to keep working, albeit on an adjusted schedule. However, life has changed and our blog took a backseat to other things during that transition.

We are back now.

The photos in this post are some of the best roads from my recent rides. There is a lot of good stuff out there, even if we are riding alone more often.

“Bicycles aren’t cancelled”, I have heard and read that phrase many times in the last weeks. That is true. Yet many of the facets of bicycling that we love, are cancelled. Races, events, group rides, hanging out at the bike shop, cafe stops and camping trips have all been postponed.

Adjusting to a springtime without many of the things we enjoy in that season has been strange. I have been using this time as an opportunity to work on my fitness and plan for future adventures and goals. Blog-wise, we have been working on a couple neat projects. Soon there will be evidence of that. (Ron is involved, so it will be visually stunning)

The thing I find most encouraging lately is seeing so many people out on their bikes. The trails and streets are full of people on bikes. I know, for myself, Bicycles bring joy and peace and a sense of accomplishment. Those are things that most of us could use more of these days.

My biggest accomplishment in the last few weeks has been putting a giant basket (Wald 139) on my commuter and swapping the drop bars for a super wide riser bar. I have been enjoying the increased capacity for groceries and other sundries. This is a good time for tinkering and adjusting.

The last thing I want to say is:

If you are currently riding a bike or wanting to ride a bike and are having issues or have questions, please let us know. We would love to help. Send us a message on Instagram, to our email, or on the contact form on the website.

That’s it for now.

If you are interested, stay tuned for some new things coming in the next few weeks and stay safe.

– Sam

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