Hello, Internet.

My name is Sam. Race the Leaf is a new thing.

My good friend Jason and I made it up. We also made this website and we hope you like it.

What is it?

The intent of this blog is to showcase our particular thoughts about bicycles and life and life with bicycles. We love bicycles. We believe that they are beautiful, useful, practical, and most importantly: fun.

There are many places on the internet for looking at and reading about bikes already. Hopefully, Race the Leaf can offer something useful.

We will try to offer a practical and thoughtful, yet remarkably usual, look at how bicycles have changed our lives and how they can fit into yours. Sometimes it is hard to connect with other people who ride. Sometimes the people who do are intimidating or condescending.

We intend to do our best to be helpful and welcoming.

So, if you have questions, reach out to us. We will respond.

Jason and I are bicycle mechanics by trade and we work and ride in Lincoln Nebraska. Our friend Ron, from The Rewards of Roaming, is a camera wizard as well as a bicycle rider and he takes photos of us occasionally. I’m certain that you will be able to tell which photos are taken by Ron, they will be the good ones. (All photos for this post were taken by Ron)

New posts will arrive here on Thursdays. In the coming weeks, we will introduce ourselves further and delve into our philosophy of cycling and our thoughts about the way the world rides bikes. We are reasonably certain that it will be interesting. There will also be photos of bicycles and thrilling accounts of our many adventures.

For now, thank you for stopping by the site. We appreciate it.

Until next week, please feel free to investigate our Instagram accounts by clicking the beautiful buttons below:

Thanks again!

– Sam and Jason

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